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Name:Orly Amor
Company:Orly Amor Enterprises
Address:3rd Avenue
State:New York
Country:United States of America
Phone No:9175156803
Cell No:9175156803
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Orly Amor
International Public Speaker

8 Reasons To Hire Orly

·         SHE IS EASY TO WORK WITH. My job is to support you and to help make your event a complete success.

·         She always finishes on-time. I am very respectful and considerate with time.

·         She commands and holds the attention of the audience. Her presentations are thought-provoking, engaging, relevant & they create changes in behavior to the positive.

·         She will do everything possible to make your life easy.

·         She will customize her content for your audience and will be prepared for any eventuality. Your audience will not be disappointed.

·         Her number one goal is to be invited back again and again.

She understands there are many ways to be compensated. I can always be creative and find ways to ·         work together. My #1 goal is to impact as many lives as possible.

·         She has 25 years in the speaking profession. Think of her as part of the “event team”. I am always ready to serve!


Orly speaks three languages fluently and has earned her MBA and Law Degree.

Orly has published a few books, Which you will learn about on our upcoming Good Reads Author’s Corner soon: You’re Not All That’- 12 Reasons Why Event Planners Won’t Hire You.’

WHY hire Orly Amor, Business Coach for Public Speakers? She is the  Only One in the World that guarantees $150K in your first year of Public Speaking in writing or I will work with you until you do.

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  • +1-917-515-6803
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